What my clients are saying


"I recently completed the 12 week Animal Soul Medicine Program created by Ollie Neveu, and am profoundly changed by the experience. Ollie is gentle and so incredibly present in her sessions. She listens to everything, on all levels. She hears your words, but also intuitively taps in to what is happening with you beyond words and presents this information to you, not as a directive, but as an offering..something to consider as another possibility or perspective. Her ASM program is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. She helped me to re-awaken my childhood connection to animals and through this, strengthen my belief and trust in my intuition that I thought I had "lost". During the course of the program I had some incredibly deep shifts both in self-limiting beliefs, and gaining a better understanding of myself and how I engage with life. She is authentic and genuine and holds a loving and safe space for healing."

- Lucy, Canada

It's not an overstatement to say that Ollie's Animal Medicine Program came to me during one of the toughest periods of my life.

I was searching for a new approach to life and business that finally honoured the deeper, more spiritual aspects of myself - and the AMP totally delivered.

I've always felt a deep connection to animals and nature, and in my photography business, they are the things that inspire me most. Recently, I have been more and more strongly called to explore this further, so when I heard about Ollie's program, I jumped at the chance to sign up.

Over the course of 12 powerful weeks, we've:

* rediscovered parts of my personality that I've kept hidden for decades

* healed deep wounds that have troubled me since childhood

* uncovered a sense of clarity and intuitiveness about my business that I've only been able to access since connecting to myself at a much deeper level

* received clear and amazingly insightful messages from animal spirit guides

* and had a tonne of fun in the process!

Ollie's ability to hold space and guide her clients with a gentle, compassionate yet incredibly powerful energy is such a joy to work with  - although there have been times when we've gone deep and dug up intense and sometimes painful emotions, I've always felt safe and held in her presence.

The program itself is comprehensive and beautifully put together, providing a thoughtful structure, yet with enough flexibility to incorporate those magical unplanned moments and diversions that always crop up!

Looking back now that I've completed the program, I can honestly say it came at exactly the right time for me. I have grown and learned so much and it has been truly life-changing, leading me to embrace what I have always known to be true about myself and finally honouring and listening to my connection to the earth and animals.

Highly recommended!

— Michelle, UK


“Such a powerful Wild Soul Essence Session with the absolutely beautiful Ollie Neveu!!Thank you Ollie, such an amazing meditation and experience - so much clarity from my animal messages. If anyone loves animals and wants to discover and meet their spirit animals/totems and find out what messages they have for you, then chat to Ollie as she is the purest, most loving soul there is”

— Momoko Hill, UK

“Ollie, the gift you have given Dutch and me is beyond beautiful! Our session with you gave me clear insight into what Dutch needs and how best I can make his life better. I now also know how he feels about me and his life right now. He's happy!! Yay! I was blown away by all the information you were able to receive through this communication. Everything made sense and was SO very powerful. My heart was bursting by session's end. So I am truly thankful and grateful to you for sharing your incredible gifts. You are a magical gift!!”

— Leslie, USA


“I just want to say thank you for what you do! I was so excited to have this reading for our little Kea, to hear through you, what he wanted us to know.We have since taken everything you mentioned and are making changes for him to ensure he stays healthy and happy for as long as possible!Thank you Ollie, you have a special gift to help us as humans who love our fur babies, to give them the best life possible. You bring light, healing and love into all of our lives.”

— Tracey, Canada

“I wanted to write and say thank you so much for helping my dog Sam, when he ruptured an intervertebral disc in his neck (the surgeon thought he'd broken it) and was pretty much paralysed from the neck down. I reached out and you immediately sent healing to him and sent him an Archangel to look after him. You were able to communicate with him to let him know that he didn't need to be scared (he was obviously terrified, hates the vets anyway AND I'd had to leave him there) which really made us both feel better. The healing you gave allowed me to communicate with him myself and know that he was looked after. I can now happily say I'm going to collect him in an hour and bring him home, less than 36 hours after his emergency surgery. The surgeon gave him a 50/50 chance of survival and said that if he did make it, he'd need at least a week in doggie hospital. I am putting down his miraculous recovery to you and my wonderful healing friends on FB who sent him healing but especially you for connecting with him and sending him an angel. Thank you.”

— Emma, UK

“I want to say how wonderful this program was. I learned so much about the wisdom of animals and how they can help you heal and become a better person. How to better communicate with them. I also learned so much about myself and grew as a person and in my soul. Ollie was so kind and explained things so well. She was always there when it was our time to meet and her attention was given to me. Also I was able to email her when or if I needed to. If your ready to learn about animal wisdom and are ready to grow as a person I would not hesitate to take this class. "

— Carole, USA

"I highly recommend ASMP for anyone who wants to not only grow spiritually but get a much better (and deeper) understanding of themselves. While I thought that I knew a lot about myself, I realized with the help of Ollie that I had either been wearing a mask or hiding an aspect of myself out of fear of people seeing the real me (as in letting my light shine). I was able to take everything that I learned and easily incorporate it into my everyday life. Regarding the homework, it was more of incorporating the weekly lesson into your everyday life, which really helped me start to see a difference in my life from the first day of class. Within a month, I was starting to let my light shine and then by the end of the second month I was already starting to follow my life path...that of starting a spiritual healing business. Ollie truly helped me to let my light shine!! I definitely would recommend this program! (And if you are in a different time zone - do not worry because she will work with you. I live in the US and she lives in in the UK and we were able to meet weekly via Skype with no problems!)"

- Kathy, USA