My First Wild Animal Healing Experience

I came across an injured pheasant hen while walking Guru Dog Neve along the bridle paths behind our house the other day.

When I say came across, I mean we almost stood on her. Her tawny and black feathers blended in so well with the stony track she was sitting in the middle of.

As soon as I saw her, I knew something was wrong. No pheasant will let a dog get that close, unless something was really wrong.

I moved slowly around her and noticed she was missing feathers on her back. I couldn't see any blood but she was clearly injured and in shock.

Of course, me being me, I couldn't just walk past and forget about her, vulnerable and injured out in the open. If an ill or injured animal comes across my path (literally), my compassion for my animal friends compels me to help them.

I quickly ran Neve back home. She was starting to get a bit too interested in the hen, and I needed her to trust me if I was going to help her. Having a giant dog by my side doesn't exactly scream safety to a prey animal.

Back at the house, I grabbed the toaster box we never got round to recycling from three months ago, and some gloves. I wasn't sure if pheasants carry disease. Even though my homeland of New Zealand is filled to the brim with birds, we don't have pheasants. Consulting Dr Google tells me that they do in fact carry the Lyme disease bacteria (gah!), so I decided gloves were probably a good option.

I ran back up the track and saw her in the same spot. Calling in all of my animal spirit helpers and guides to assist me, I sent safe and loving energy to this frightened bird as I edged closer. Each time I moved my feet, the pheasant hen looked momentarily alarmed but did not move. She began to settle and I could feel her trust as I inched towards her, focusing all of my energy on emitting a calming presence. Crouching beside her, I took a good look at her back. There was no blood but it looks like either a dog or fox has grabbed her but she managed to escape, minus a few feathers. The shock of it all and pain of the feathers being plucked had clearly knocked this bird about, but she seemed otherwise ok.

I decided to try my luck, held my breath, and gently placed my (gloved) hands on her little body. This wild pheasant hen calmly accepted my touch, as I channelled healing energy into her body. It was a strange experience. On the one hand, it felt totally normal, like I give energy healing to pheasants every day (spoiler: I don't). On the other hand, it felt completely surreal that I was having this intimate healing experience with this untamed animal.  

When I felt the pheasant hen was ready, I placed her gently in the old toaster box (complete with ventilation holes) to keep her safe from dogs and foxes while she recovered.  She immediately sprung up and hopped back onto the stone track. Stepping back to give her space, I sent her more healing energy as she started to come back to life. She stretched and preened her feathers, chirped at me, then started taking a few steps. I was thankful that she appeared to be moving fine. As soon as she started pecking in the dirt, I knew she was going to be fine, and my help was no longer needed. I left her in a protective energetic shield and with the box - just in case she needed it.


I am so thankful that I get to do this work, where I can earn the trust of a wild animal, and help them when they are hurting. I connect to domesticated animals on the reg but to be able to experience that connection with an untamed animal was really fucking awesome.

If we come from a place of love and compassion, we can do so much good for the world. Kindness is free.

Ollie NeveuAnimal Healing