A Disconnected Sole is a Disconnected Soul

The harvest is almost complete.

My house is surrounded by wheat fields, so for the past month there has been a lot of harvest type going ons day and night. And dust. Lots of dust.

And dust, especially of the wheat kind aint something I do well breathing in. So I've spent a lot of time indoors this past month. Hiding from the dust clouds.

That means no daily barefoot grounding, a drastic reduction in long walks in the countryside and a turning away from mother earth.

And it only occured to me today - that the reason why I've actually been feeling more stressed, less creative and finding it hard to connect to my animal healing work is because I have been disconnected from nature, due to shutting myself away from the harvest dust.

Duh! And D'oh!

When we lose our connection to nature it can be very easily to slip into insular, doubtful and despondent territory.

We lose our connection to our wild essence and our true selves.

When our soles are no longer connected to mother earth, our souls become disconnected as well.

The deeper we connect to nature and animals, we must also realise that momentary or longer disconnects will hit us harder than the average human who is so disconnected from the natural world in their everyday life . Kind of like when you go off sugar, falling off the wagon with one cookie sends you into a diabetic coma whereas previously you could have scoffed the whole bag.

But it is so easy to find your way back. Feet on the ground. Tree hugging. Salt water swimming. Long country walks. Salt baths. Alfresco dining. Spending time with animals.

So this is a gentle reminder to you and me and all of us to keep connecting to nature and animals and the extension of ourselves that is mother earth.

Ollie NeveuAnimal Wisdom