You Have the Keys to Your Cage

Imagine a girl.


In a gilded cage. Decorated with beautiful furnishings and knick knacks. Held together by the fear of judgement and disapproval of others.

Sure it’s pretty – but it is a cage.

A cage that is keeping that girl trapped. Her creativity, her passion, her fire, her desire to change the world. All locked away.

Living a life of fear. Playing small. Bowing to the expectations of others. Settling. These are the side effects of living in a cage.

What if I told you – this girl – she had the keys to the cage all along. Yet she remained trapped. She waited for someone to come along and open the cage for her. To give her permission to leave the cage.

But no-one ever did. So she remains trapped forever.

What madness it is to keep this girl from the world. The world needs her light. Her fire. Her creativity. Her passion. Her love.

You do not need permission to be granted freedom.

You have the keys to your cage.

Use them.

Love and freedom,

Ollie Neveu

Ollie NeveuAnimal Wisdom