You Are Not Broken

Oh my sweet friend. I have something very special to share with you today. An important message that you must know. You must believe. Let it soak into your soul and wrap around you like a warm blanket.  If you are struggling with a rap sheet of health issues taller than you are. If you are struggling to find the answers why. If you are visiting multiple health professionals with no solution in sight. If you feel betrayed by your body. If you feel like something is inherently wrong with your life container and you want a new one. Let me tell you a secret. Lean in close.

You are not broken.

Yes. Again?

You my dearest are not broken.

Your body is doing exactly what it should be. Your body is communicating with you. There is a message being sent out but its not getting through.

Your body wants to be well. The natural state, the baseline, the sweet spot for your body is wellness. Your body does everything it can to be well. It is capable of remarkable self healing. But it cannot be in this state of wellness unless the mind and the spirit are too. The holy trinity of mind/body/spirit are deeply connected and intertwined. You cannot have a healthy body without a healthy mind and a nourished spirit.  You can drink all the green juice in the world but wont experience true wellness until all facets of your being are hanging in the same sweet spot.  The body – in it’s infinite wisdom – knows this.

So when your mind or your spirit (or both as the case may often be) are in a place of dis-ease, your body knows there is no hope of being in it’s natural state of wellness. And your body wants to be well. So it will send you a signal. To tell you – “Hey, I just want to let you know something’s not right within you. You might want to check into that. Love ya – Body”. That signal could be a headache, neck tension, fatigue, eczema. Nothing drastic but something to cause enough discomfort to catch your attention.

Now in a perfect world we would recognise this signal right away. We would say “Oh thanks for the heads up body. I am actually feeling stressed about my job lately and I’m not sure if it’s the right one for me. . I’m going to take some steps to find a career path that fits my true hearts desires, practice self care and bring myself back to wellness.”. Message received. Action taken. Mind/Body/Spirit in alignment. Bliss.

But. Reality can be messy. Maybe your too busy to deal with a headache right now. So you take some paracetamol and carry on, ignoring the message your body is trying to communicate. So another signal will be sent from your body. Something with a bit more bite to get your attention. We can be so disconnected from our body that again – we miss the message and power through. So the body introduces another signal. And another.

Before long you find yourself with a laundry list of health issues. You begin to feel betrayed by your body. “Why isn’t it working properly. Why do I keep getting sick? Why can’t it work properly?” Negative self talk arises. You blame your body. You tell it that it has let you down. That it is broken. You beat yourself up. Your mind and your soul suffer. So your body responds in the only way it knows how. It signals you again – “Something’s not right here!”. And so the vicious cycle continues.

Fortunately there is a way out. And it is really quite simple and so very do-able.

Listen to your body.

Get in touch with yourself. Realise that you and your body are not separate entities. It is a part of you. Just as your mind and your spirit are. Your body is not running off like a naughty child and creating drama for you. It is trying to help you be well. It wants to be well. It wants you to be well.

Take time to sit quietly and check in with yourself. What signals is your body giving you? How long have you been receiving them? Have you made any changes to your lifestyle or continued on as before?

Meditate. Journal. Talk it out. Identify where there are blocks  in your life. Where have you been feeling dis-ease? What’s bringing your soul down? Are there people or situations that are draining you? Are you living life the way you want or the way you think others think you should?

Once you have identified the blocks – you can set about removing them and reveal the path to wellness. Let go of situations, limiting beliefs and people who no longer serve you. Align your career, your relationships and your hobbies to your hearts true desires. Live out your dreams. Be kind to yourself. And know this – you are not broken.

Love and wholeness,

Ollie Neveu

Ollie NeveuWild Soul Essence