You Are Replaceable

My dear sweet friend.

You are entirely replaceable.


That job that devours your soul? Someone else will take your place. The business will carry on.

Your parents, friends and loved ones? They will learn to live with your replacement. Some of them will get it. Some of them wont.

Afraid of letting people down with your replacement? Don’t be. You only need to act in the best interests of one person.The only person who matters.


The REAL you.

Not the you who is heading down a well trodden but spirit destroying career path. Not the you who cares too much about what others think, to do what they truly desire. Not the you who is afraid to shine their light, who plays small and be’s the person they think they should – not the person they actually are.

That you is 100%, entirely replaceable with the real you.

The real you:

–  listen’s to their heart

–  is bursting with creativity and ideas

–  fills their day with work they are passionate about

–  is healthy and at ease

– has deep connections with love ones

– is nourished and fulfilled

– set’s their own path to follow

– trusts that they will be supported

– doesn’t hide their light

– is full of joy and happiness.


Isn’t it about time you sent in the replacement?


Ollie Neveu

Ollie NeveuWild Soul Essence