2016 Intentions + Free Spirit Animal Readings

Happy New Year my loves! Welcome to sweet 2016.

At this time of the year many of us are looking ahead, dreaming big dreams and holding our hopes high for the year ahead.

Me? I’m pretty excited and optimistic about 2016 (though I’ve always been a glass half full kind of girl tbh). My husband and I spent the last few minutes of 2015 watching Youtube videos of really inspiring stories, facts and figures which showed in the past year how much more compassion and kindness there has been in the world. I’m predicting more of the same for 2016 and beyond. All of our hearts contain a great kindness that more people are starting to embrace and live by. There is a shift in the world that is very exciting. From unconscious to conscious. From dark to light. From cruel to kind. And that’s the kind of world that I want to be living in. I mean who wouldn’t right? (Asides from a world where we get paid to pet puppies all day…).

Since the winter solstice I’ve been spending some time going deep into what I truly desire in my life, and setting really grounded intentions for 2016. I’m not really into resolutions or goal’s - so I like to set intentions of what I want to call into my life at the start of the year. A part of this process includes figuring out what animal spirit energy wants to partner with me for the year. 

In my experience we don’t have just one spirit animal guiding us, but multiple (at least 4 - 5) supporting us at any one time. They will come and go as we move through different stages and challenges in our lives. Each animal energy is there for us to call upon when we need help. For example, one of my constant spirit animals is a white wolf. The wolf carries the medicine of the teacher, and is with me to support me and help me grow as someone who has been called to share what I know. So when I am writing, making a social media post, getting on stage…jumping on any platform and sharing my message, I can call upon the wolf to help me embody that teacher energy. 

For 2016 one of the main spirit animals that has shown up for me is a female grizzly bear. Named Sally. She actually showed up towards the end of last year, and has stuck with me ever since. The bear is a symbol of strength and self-confidence. They are incredibly fierce when need be, and very powerful. One of my main intentions for this year is work on my self-confident, and really start showing this fierce side of me that I usually keep hidden. So my bear friend Sally is the perfect spirit animal to partner with. If you are interested in finding out what spirit animal wants to partner with you in 2016, head on over to the Facebook group where I am giving free personalised readings that will reveal your 2016 spirit animal buddy. 

As part of my journey into self-confidence I’ve decided this year to expand my offerings and teachings. I am now offering distance healing sessions for animals and an amazing transformational 12 week 1:1 coaching program using animal wisdom (which I am super excited about!). There will also be more videos and content on this website and in the Animal Healing Circle Facebook group, covering topics around animal wisdom, healing animals and how you can connect deeper to the natural world (yay!). If you are interested in learning more about any of these new offerings, please send me an email to ollie@ollieneveu.com or hit me up on social media.

Wishing you all an amazing year, full of much love, laughter and puppy cuddles,


Ollie Neveu

Ollie Neveu