Red Kite Hawk Wisdom + Leonardo DiCaprio

It’s been two weeks since Team Neveu packed up, left the big smoke (aka London) and set up camp in a sweet cottage, nestled amongst rolling countryside in Hertfordshire. We’re slowly settling in, finding our roots and figuring out where the best sun spots are for snoozing in.

I have many tales I could tell about our move - it was eventful to say the least (no hot water or heating in the middle of winter!). But I wanted to share a story about animal wisdom and an urgent message about conservation that’s unfolded over the past few weeks.

The area we live in is surrounding by acres of fields and trees and wildlife reserves - and I’ve been delighted by how much bird life there is out here. A few months ago I went back home to New Zealand, as was immediately struck by how many birds there are just chilling in the garden, tweeting their songs and enjoying life. It appears that over the 24 years I lived there, the birds had become a background noise I didn’t even register anymore. But it was only after coming back to this bird paradise from big old London, that I realised how little bird life there was in the city and how much I missed my feathered friends. 

So now that we’re amongst birds again, I’m absolutely loving it! I keep looking out the window to see what kind of birds are in the garden (a robin, a woodpecker, a zebra finch, a pheasant!), and have one eye on the sky as I take Guru Dog Neve out for her walks.

There is one bird in particular that I have felt particularly drawn to. Sidebar : When we feel a pull or an attraction towards an animal, when it keeps showing up in our life - then that’s a good sign that there's some juicy animal wisdom wanting to be shared with us.

The bird first appeared on the initial visit we made out to this town. It was a typically grey and cold winters day, but it was quiet and the energy felt so calm compared to where we were currently living in London. As we made our way around the property, my eyes were suddenly drawn to a beautiful hawk, gliding about 10 feet up in the air. I was immediately struck by its presence and knew this hawk had come to me to share its medicine.

After we moved here, I would notice more and more of these hawks, coming very close and low as I explored the fields with Guru Dog Neve. One even glided around outside my office window as I worked inside.

I already knew the medicine of hawks was similar to eagles - about higher perspective and clarity of vision. But I felt like there was something deeper, a more profound message that the hawk was pointing me to.

Turning to my best friend Google, I discovered that the hawks that had been coming to me were Red Kite Hawks. Once on the brink of national extinction, these magnificent birds have bounced back thanks to dedicated conservation efforts.

And thank goodness they did - because the Red Kite Hawks has beautiful wisdom and teachings to share.

Red Kite teaches visionary power and clear sight with strong observation habits while using patience…effortless patience. She teaches the art of maneuverability and finesse to reach goals and feeding the spirit and your life with much needed nourishment. Is Red Kite a predator or scavenger? She demonstrates the utmost timing for the perfect opportunities that are coming your way. Red Kite provides the much needed balance for action and non-action as well as masculine and feminine energies. Heightened psychic abilities will aid in duality awareness. Her medicine speaks of maneuvering in the spiritual world and physical world in which she aids in grounding, clarity of thought, listening to intuition along with exposing sub/unconscious activities. Pay attention. Meditate and exercise on the mind-body connection. Red Jasper is a good meditational connecting stone. Attend to what has been started. Watch for synchronous connections with new people. Old relationships may become more solidified. She speaks of longevity in these areas so have patience. She helps in building a solid base with strong roots. Focus on the spiritual and physical “home”. She enhances vitality during these significant changes in your life. The results of Red Kite’s guidance will fully align with your purpose. It will take about 38 days to incorporate her lessons and about 30 additional days for the wisdom or action to come to fruition. Red Kite’s medicine will aid to illuminate truths with strength, vitality, and gracefulness

So beautiful right? I started crying as I let this wisdom wash through me, knowing that this was the message Red Kite Hawk had wanted to reveal to me since we first met back in January. It brought me such peace, and clarity around things that have been coming up for me personally and professionally. Questions I had about our move out of London. Confirmation of themes coming up for clients. Red Kite Hawk’s medicine soothed my soul and gave me clarity on where I am right now.

And that’s what animal wisdom does for us. That’s how it can show up for us ( Oh hey! I keep seeing that animal everywhere), and that’s the impact that their medicine, their power, their spiritual presence can have.

But the thing is - I may never have got to experience this beautiful medicine from Red Kite Hawk if their numbers had continued to dwindle. If they ultimately became extinct.

Red Kite Hawks are some of the lucky few species that have been able to bounce back from endangerment. Many others haven’t been so lucky, and are now lost forever.

Since 1970, we have lost half the wildlife on this planet. 

Let that sink in.


The earth is about 4.6 billion years old. But in just 40 years, humankind has managed to wipe half of the population of wild animals off the earth. In relative terms, if that’s scaled to 46 years, it has only taken less than 1 minute to lose half of the animals.

It’s basically like a giant bomb went off, but no-one's really noticed.

Asides from this massive decline in wildlife messing with our delicate ecosystem, that relies on the biodiversity of all the animals and plants to create this carefully balanced environment we live in - we are also losing our great spiritual teachers.

If planet earth is the school our souls come to, to learn and grow - then the animals are our teachers. And their wisdom is being lost at a rapid pace.

But I hold hope for us.

Just as Red Kite Hawk’s were able to make a comeback, with the care and guidance of compassionate humans, so can the other endangered animals. I urge you to get fired up about this issue. To open your eyes and awareness to how you are living, and what you can do personally to help save our animals.

Become an environmentalist. For yourself, for the animals, for the planet. For Leonardo DiCaprio. 

I leave you now with some Red Kite Hawk medicine - and as you allow the wisdom to sink into your consciousness, ask yourself : do you want to help nail the coffin for our animal friends, or rewrite their prophecy and save their lives instead?

Red Kite Hawk Wisdom

Grace in the Shadow: You can find a way to be gentle and graceful, while doing the messy work. Although you may need to face darkness, unpleasantness and death in your life - it doesn’t have to consume you. You can work in the shadow one moment, and then rise up in the air with such grace and gentleness in the next. Don’t allow it to chain you down.

Change and Prophecy: Like the Red Kite Hawk, you are able to come back from endangerment. Although your soul may feel lost at times - know that you will not be forever and that you can come back, and thrive. You have the power to change your destiny, create your own prophecy. 

Clarity and Bigger Picture - Gaining some perspective on the bigger picture and clarity in your life. What is your overall outcome? What are your biggest dreams and wishes? Examine how you are currently spending your time, and whether it is supporting or detracting from the big picture. 



Ollie Neveu