Want To Stop Feeling Broken? Forgive Your Body

Do you feel like your body is broken? Do you feel as though your body is constantly working against your to make your life a misery? Do you want to put your hand up and say ”Mines not working – can I get a new body please?

When you are dealing with health challenges ranging from constant headaches or eczema, to debilitating anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances – it can be very easy to feel like you are at the mercy of your body’s whims. It can easily seem as though your body is the enemy because of the pain and suffering it causes you on a daily basis.

But the truth is – your body actually wants you to be well.

I know if you feel like you are currently in the middle of a war with your body – this could sound like a mad idea. But stay with me here folks, this revelation completely changed my life.

Your body’s natural state is wellness. It wants to be well, to be healthy, to be free or any illness or disease.

When your body is thrown out of it’s natural state, it does everything it can to get back to that blissful place of ease and wellness. Your body is an amazing creation that has wonderful powers of self healing, but a lot of the external factors cause the shift from wellness to disease. So your body communicates with you to get your help. To let you know, Hey – somethings not quite right here. Let’s work together to remedy the situation and get back to wellness, okay sweets?

And the way our body communicates to us….is through our body.

A headache, back pain, eczema, a cough, stomach pain are allcommunications from our body. It is the body’s way of getting our minds attention, which lets face it – is usually pretty preoccupied.

In our busy modern lives, we don’t have time to deal with pain, aches or niggling body sensations. It is the norm to push on through with our days, ignoring the message from our body and even silencing it by taking over the counter pain relief or pharmaceutical drugs. We just don’t have time to sit down and ponder what exactly is our body doing here. We miss the communication, and usually don’t end up addressing the underlying cause of what has pushed our body our of it’s natural state of wellness.

When I say your body wants you to be well, I mean it really wants you to be well. It will not give up if one communication is ignored and will continue to try and grab your minds attention in more intense or a different range of ways. But having even less time for more pain, we continue to ignore it and disconnect from our body. We end up resenting our body, viewing it as broken and not normal for creating this pain. We think it’s not working as it should, when actually it is doing it’s job perfectly.

For years I went through this cycle of ignoring my body’s communications and it trying desperately to let me know something was not right. During this time I felt like my body was a faulty second rate model and was angry at it for causing me so much suffering. It wasn’t until I went through a mental breakdown on Valentines Day 2012 where my body literally shut me off , that I realised that I had to make some drastic changes in my life in order to be happy and finally find ease within myself.

Thankfully I managed to completely turn around my health by reconnecting with wisdom in my body that I had been ignoring for so long.

But the first thing I needed to do before even contemplating how I was going to reconnect with my body – was to forgive my body.

I knew that I wouldn’t truly commit to getting back in touch with my body if I was still viewing it as the enemy. Any feelings of resentment, anger or hostility towards my body for the ways I thought it had failed me in the past needed to go if I was to fully commit to realigning myself with the inner wisdom. It doesn’t make sense that I would want to create an intimate connection with it, if there were any ill feelings towards it. So I bought out the big F gun and made a vow to make peace with my body.


How to forgive your body

1) Become aware of any negative feelings you have towards your body – Take 10 minutes or so to sit quietly and recognise the ways that you have been resenting your body. It can be helpful to write down any feelings of anger or frustration that you have towards your body, and any way you feel like it has let you down in the past. Tear up or burn the list as a symbolic gesture to releasing those feelings now.

2) Drop any victim stories –  Know that you are not a victim of your body. Really realise that your body only has your best interests at heart and wants you to be well. It is not working against you. This is no war here, just a drastic case of miscommunication. You can choose to reconnect with your body and work together to create ease and happiness.

3) Set the intention to forgive – This is as easy as saying to yourself every morning ”I am willing to forgive my body”. You don’t need to know how you are going to reach forgiveness, but by declaring your intention to do so you are making a powerful statement to the universe and your body that this is what you truly want. Commit to repeating this forgiveness intention every day.

4) Be grateful for your body – Make a list each day of all the things your body does for you which you are grateful for. Even if you can only manage “Breathing” or “Keeping my heart beating” then that’s okay. As you continue this practice, and commit to the intention to forgiving your body, you will find yourself being able to add more and more to the list as you cultivate a new feeling of love and gratitude.

Love and forgiveness,

Ollie Neveu

Ollie Neveu