A 5 month 1 to 1 sacred journey for women who are ready to step into a supportive space of personalised guidance infused with animal wisdom. 

 Medicine (n):
the presence and power embodied in or demonstrated by a person, a place, an event, an object, or a natural phenomenon.
the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease


Animal Soul Medicine being the transformative power of animals for the healing of your soul.

For thousands of years humans have looked towards animals for guidance and wisdom. Cultures all around the world saw animals as keepers of powerful truths and deeply connected to the spirit world. For the majority of our time on this planet, we have had this profound connection with the animals and the natural world. Then the modern age began. As we made technological advances we started retreating from animals and nature. And now, as a global collective, humans have never been more stressed, depressed and unfulfilled. 

This is an invitation to return to nature as the antidote to our modern lives. To recognise animals as the great spiritual teachers that they are. To reconnect to their simple yet powerful wisdom. To realise that for all of our so-called intelligence, they actually know more than we do. To uncage our hearts, and through doing so, rediscover the peace that our souls once knew. 


The Animal Soul Medicine Program is a 5 month transformational program specifically for women who are:

  1. - So done with the stress of trying to achieve someone else’s idea of success

    - Tired of being afraid + hiding their wild, expansive, sensitive soul away from the world

    - No longer able to live with the burden of putting everyone else first and themselves last

    - Drawn to the wisdom and healing of animals and nature

  2. - Ready to claim their self worth and release the self imposed burden of healing everyone

  3. - Aching to feel a sense of deep trust in the unfolding of their lives

  • - Haunted by an inexplicable feeling of disconnection and misplacement


Are you ready and willing to dive deep into a transformative healing journey, back to your own soul?

Within the 5 month sacred container you will be using tools and animal wisdom to guide you to:

- Experience a deeper connection to animals and the natural world

- Gain the courage to start living a life that is in alignment with what YOUR heart and soul truly desire

- Remove blocks that impact the amount of vitality, joy and peace you experience everyday

- Create more harmonious relationships with yourself, friends and family

- Discover a sense of freedom and clarity that comes with knowing and living out your truth

- Tap into your innate inner wisdom

- Embrace your true inner essence and grow your soul




A dose of Animal Soul Medicine gets you:

- 1 x Discovery call

- 1 x Wild Soul Essence Report on your wild soul essence + spirit animal guides

- 10 x 60-90 minute 1:1 coaching calls

- 5 x Distance energy healings

- Unlimited email access for full 5 months


Your Own Personalised Medicine

The journey you will be guided through will be very much your own, an alchemy based on your own blueprint, the spirit animals who step forth to guide you and the path your wild soul is yearning for you to step into.

While the nature of your personal Animal Soul Medicine Program is unique to you, common themes that may be explored include, but are not limited to:

- Tapping into your inner wisdom and intuitive abilities

- Healing wounds + removing blocks from connecting to your inner wisdom + animals

- Trusting in the Universe

- Heart opening + healing

- Connecting to your spirit animals + wild soul essence

- Removing masks that hide your true essence from the world

- Boundaries, grounding and personal energy management

- Connecting to Animals + Nature : Rewilding

- Calling in unconditional love

- Forgiveness and freedom

What People Are Saying:

"It's not an overstatement to say that the Animal Medicine Program came to me during one of the toughest periods of my life.

I was searching for a new approach to life and business that finally honoured the deeper, more spiritual aspects of myself - and the Animal Soul Medicine Program totally delivered. I've always felt a deep connection to animals and nature, and in my photography business, they are the things that inspire me most.

Over a course of powerful weeks, we've:

* rediscovered parts of my personality that I've kept hidden for decades

* healed deep wounds that have troubled me since childhood

* uncovered a sense of clarity and intuitiveness about my business that I've only been able to access since connecting to myself at a much deeper level

* received clear and amazingly insightful messages from animal spirit guides

* and had a tonne of fun in the process!

Ollie's ability to hold space and guide her clients with a gentle, compassionate yet incredibly powerful energy is such a joy to work with  - although there have been times when we've gone deep and dug up intense and sometimes painful emotions, I've always felt safe and held in her presence.

I have grown and learned so much and it has been truly life-changing, leading me to embrace what I have always known to be true about myself and finally honouring and listening to my connection to the earth and animals.

Highly recommended!

— Michelle, UK


"I highly recommend ASMP for anyone who wants to not only grow spiritually but get a much better (and deeper) understanding of themselves. While I thought that I knew a lot about myself, I realized with the help of Ollie that I had either been wearing a mask or hiding an aspect of myself out of fear of people seeing the real me (as in letting my light shine). I was able to take everything that I learned and easily incorporate it into my everyday life. Regarding the homework, it was more of incorporating the lesson into your everyday life, which really helped me start to see a difference in my life from the first day of session. Within a month, I was starting to let my light shine and then by the end of the second month I was already starting to follow my life path...that of starting a spiritual healing business. Ollie truly helped me to let my light shine!! I definitely would recommend this program! (And if you are in a different time zone - do not worry because she will work with you. I live in the US and she lives in in the UK and we were able to meet via Skype with no problems!)"

- Kathy, USA

Read More Testimonials

"I recently completed the Animal Soul Medicine Program created by Ollie Neveu, and am profoundly changed by the experience.

Ollie is gentle and so incredibly present in her sessions. She listens to everything, on all levels. She hears your words, but also intuitively taps in to what is happening with you beyond words and presents this information to you, not as a directive, but as an offering..something to consider as another possibility or perspective.

Her ASM program is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. She helped me to re-awaken my childhood connection to animals and through this, strengthen my belief and trust in my intuition that I thought I had "lost".

During the course of the program I had some incredibly deep shifts both in self-limiting beliefs, and gaining a better understanding of myself and how I engage with life.

She is authentic and genuine and holds a loving and safe space for healing."

- Lucy, Canada


Animal Soul Medicine 5 month 1x1 Package

Waitlist for 2018 open - use APPLY NOW button to be added to list

Investment: $7,500 NZD

The space I hold for clients is very deep and transformational, and having a select few number of 1:1 clients means I can focus on and serve their individual journeys at my highest level of service (this ain't no cookie cutter program, you experience a bespoke + customised program that is unique to you).

If you are feeling called to this space or for more information, secure your spot for an obligation free Discovery Call. Alternatively, you can email me at hello@olliewylde.com to discuss whether the Animal Soul Medicine Programme is the right fit for you.