Hi Im Ollie


Ollie Wylde is a Writer + Wayshower from New Zealand.

Wayshower n. - one who walks the path and shows the way for others to follow, living by example.

After hitting rock bottom from living a life so out of alignment at the age of 22, watching Youtube videos of pugs was the only thing to bring light back into my life. So naturally, I quit my corporate job and adopted a rescue greyhound named Neve.

Free from our respective cages (hers metal, mine mental) we set out on a new life together. I rediscovered the innate connection to animals and nature that we all have. I was shown that animals are amazing spiritual teachers, and that by following their wisdom and reconnecting to nature we can reconnect back to our wild souls. 

The past five years have been a deep dive into untangling myself from all the 'shoulds' placed used to tame women, and returning to the intuitive wild nature.