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Animal wisdom for your soul

There's something special about animals. From the irresistability of a baby animal, to how they live so completely in the moment and the way they just seem to get us when noone else does.

Animals are so much more than just our best friends. They're our spiritual teachers.

Animals are here to partner with us, to help guide us back to our hearts and grow our souls. They are our furry gurus.

Animals hold us in unconditional love so that we may hold it for ourselves.

I support the animals in their purpose by sharing their wisdom through writing, speaking and mentoring.

I am here to validate your sacred relationship with the natural world. To guide you as you reconnect to animals, and the essence of who you truly are.

Is your furry companion in need of some higher love?

Add them to the Animal Healing Circle, a group healing run every month to send love to animals in need.

Healing circle